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Description   Order-No.
Preparation plates
made of plasic, for the preservation of FRANKE- and FEMA-cells or object carriers.
Preparation plates, English Size
plates for 20 cells of Giessen size (28x48mm). 310 x 140 mm 8-65100
plates for 24 cells of english size (26x76mm). 350 x 190 mm
made of strong cardboard with appending lid, list of contents.
for taking up 20 FEMA cells of english size (26x76mm) 8-65300
for taking up 36 FEMA cells of Giessen size (28x48mm) 8-65401
Preservation boxes made of solid cardboard
with wooden frame, exterior surface out of black leather imitation. Perforation numbered, list of contents.
25 object carriers 76x26mm 8-64200
50 object carriers 76x26mm 8-64300
100 object carriers 76x26mm 8-64400
25 object carriers 28x48mm 8-64500
50 object carriers 28x48mm 8-64600
100 object carriers 28x48mm 8-64700
100 object carriers 76x52mm 8-64900
Preservation boxes made of wood, on demand


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